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We make it possible for businesses and their customers to take urgent action on climate change.

At 3Degrees, we are passionate about addressing climate change. We help hundreds of organizations incorporate clean energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies into their business operations. And we connect over 275,000 residential customers with renewable energy through our utility and community solar partnerships. How do we do it? Through our custom renewable energy and climate solutions that meet each client at every step of the way.

After all, solving the most significant challenge of our generation is a tall order. But it’s a challenge that energizes us. We hope you’ll join us.

Land Life Company

Land Life Company
Restoring ecosystems and communities around the world
We must and can restore our planet within our lifetime.
With the COCOON planting technology we have a low-cost, sustainable and scalable solution to plant trees in arid soils.

Together, we can revitalize ecosystems and communities
for this generation and the next.

The Cocoon planting technology
The Cocoon can be applied to projects of all sizes and can be used for different tree types and soil conditions. The various applications of the Cocoon include nature restoration, landscaping, highway planting and productive trees.

Nature restoration
The COCOON is a key tool to restore ecosystems that have been damaged by overgrazing, tree cutting, droughts, floods or urban or industrial/mining developments. The COCOON can be deployed on large stretches of land, including areas with slopes and hard topsoils where traditional irrigation does not work. Restored ecosystems improve rainwater infiltration and groundwater recharge, provide shade, increase soil organic matter content and enhance soil life, – all enabling other vegetation to grown around the trees planted. The value of the land often increases as a result.

Urban and highway landscaping
The COCOON is used as a sustainable solution for greening highways, urban streets as well as individual homes in dry climates. It is a solution for communities that are concerned about water conservation but still want to enjoy the safety, health and environmental benefits trees bring to city living. It is also used for highway greening and to reduce the amount of sand dust on the road.


Our commitment
Addressing the world’s biggest sustainability issues requires collective leadership. This means exemplifying the behaviors that will bring about change and empowering others to do the same.
Organizations need to harness core capabilities, be smart with resources and make long-term decisions whenever possible.
At Refinitiv it starts with commitment to using our data, forward-thinking technology, and expertise to drive positive change.
Our business
Sustainable leadership means caring about our own operational footprint, being open with our environmental commitments and disclosures, holding ourselves to account and promoting a culture of transparency and inclusion. It is a core element of what we stand for as a business.
We are making bold, public, global sustainability pledges and believe in the power of data to ensure action. If you measure it, it happens.
Our customers and partners
Our influence is felt far beyond our own business footprint; we empower investors to shift towards sustainable investments and influence how businesses act through our expertise, products and data.
We help the financial industry champion new standards, incorporate ESG factors into investment decisions, and provide tools to report on regulatory and compliance requirements.
Our data and solutions assist corporations to better their ESG reporting standards, meet institutional investor mandates, and mitigate reputational risk.
We also support NGOs, academics, and journalists by providing global data sets and analytics for research purposes. You can learn more about our data and analytics below.
We meet client needs and expectations by continuously evolving our suite of world class sustainability-related data and products.
Our partnerships with global organisations like the World Economic Forum and United Nations, alongside our charity and community relationships, also help us deliver on what we promise and measure our impact.
Refinitiv is at the heart of an ecosystem of change-makers championing transparency and governance, enabling our customers to make important decisions which balance short-term business pressures with long-term, positive societal progress.


We are the leading international sustainability strategy and communications consultancy. We help companies and brands Step Up to the changing relationship between business and society. We combine smart strategy, sharp insights and creativity to help businesses succeed.


CO2logic has extensive experience in calculating, reducing, and offsetting the carbon footprints of large organizations. Not only does CO2logic help organizations reduce their carbon footprint, they help them do it in a way that benefits the international community by developing and sustaining social programs in areas that are in the greatest need. CO2logic has won public tenders to become the carbon consultant to the European Investment Bank, the European Parliament, the City of Brussels, etc. Large corporations like Levi’s, Dow Corning, Baltimore Aircoil, Le Pain Quotidien and Mars have also trusted CO2logic’s expertise. CO2logic works with the highest quality standards and has the best consultants in the field.