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Testimonials of October 2017 Brussels event

“Wow - firstly huge congratulations on a very successful first event in Europe! I hope you are really pleased and proud with what you delivered and who you got in the room. I took away so much from the event, contacts, learnings and inspiration - what more could you ask for? Plus a fantastic trip in beautiful Brussels. Thank you very much. For the first event in Europe you had some fantastic speakers there. The information they provided was valuable and the opportunity to meet these people after has been really useful for me and the other people in the room.”

-Selina Donald, CEO and Co-Founder The Bulb

“ The Companies Vs Climate Change conference was a huge success and I really appreciated the conference atmosphere. Great insights from companies, excellent panel discussions and fantastic networking opportunities – this was a great experience. Thanks to Jason Youner and the entire team for the outstanding conference in Brussels.”

-Marcus Wagner, Director Sustainability, Global Environmental Management, SAP

Climate change is affecting all of us, companies, governments and consumers alike. Collective action and awareness of how we can implement solutions is absolutely key to keeping the temperature increase below 1,5 degrees C. CvCC is a great platform for sharing knowledge on exactly this, and I was happy to engage with the audience on our journey towards ZERO carbon footprint as our breweries. My hope is that through initiatives such as CvCC, more companies will join Carlsberg Group in the fight to solve climate change.”

-Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Sustainability Director at Carlsberg Group

“First of all thank you for organising this event. As discussed personally shortly before leaving: -strong points of the event: Ø It brought together a broader range than only RE100 companies Ø Very strong and inspiring best practices. Ø I appreciated your involvement in bringing people together Ø The subjects were broad and not concentrated on 1 sustainability aspect: something interesting for everyone!”

-Sven Goethals Sales Manager Commercial & Industrial I PPA BayWa Renewable Energy

“I enjoyed the conference. • great location, easy to reach, well accomodated • high-level speakers, the ones I wanted to hear • interesting participants • good time-management and great hosting (Betsy rocks) Bottom line: a good event. We're thinking of supporting you next year.”

-Tom Pollyn, Managing Partner, Menapy

“This was an excellent conference. The quality of the speakers, the venue and facilities was all really good. We were well looked after. I liked the mix of speakers/panels and networking opportunities. This was well designed. For the future I would like to propose these suggestions. I really enjoyed this conference; it was my first of this topic. I have come away inspired and informed. I hope there will be many more of these. Job well done!”

-Mary Charteris, EHS Director, IPSEN

“Thank you very much for the opportunity (to speak)– it was a great event, especially for it’s first year.”

-Christy Cooke, Account Manager Supply Chain Program, CDP Account Manager Supply Chain Program

“Quality content, very well organized and excellent conversations. Thanks Jason, well done for the first European CvCC. See you next year.”

-Preben Munch, Director of Sales Ecohz (Gold Sponsor)

"I've learned a lot on how companies reduce, measure and manage their carbon food print. The science based targets and on a how the SDGs are implemented in sustainable business development. The small network breaks were perfect, excellent opportunity for individual discussions with speakers and participants"

-Alice Drooghmans, Owner Drooghmans International LTD, Int. Consulting, Marketing, New Business Development and CSR

“Thanks for putting all those people together, Jason! The discussions were really interesting and it's very exciting to see how such diverse companies are engaged in tackling climate change.”

-Melina Gonçalves, CSR and Responsible trading professional, EcoVadis

“Great conference with interesting presentations, an excellent atmosphere and general level of interaction.”

-Uwe Bergmann Director, Sustainability Management at Henkel

“It was a fantastic event Jason. Many thanks for organizing. I think this is the start of something great! Thanks to all of the other attendees for your openness and willingness to collaborate. ‘See you next year!’ ;)

-Kaitlin Crouch-Hess, Global Environmental Program Manager & Sustainable Transitions Advisor ING

“Great panelists from a variety of sectors that provided detailed insights into their sustainability commitments, and great networking! Now, let's all go the extra mile!”

-Cécile Schneider, Manager for EU Policy bei Conservation International

“Good conference with nice and interesting companies commitments !”

-Loïc ALLANOS, Responsable RSE (Responsabilité Sociétale d'Entreprise, Développement Durable) Servier

“Well done on facilitate such a great event. The presentations were really interesting. I look forward to attending future events.”

-Kirsty McKell, Client Manager International, CarbonTrust

"What defined this event for me was chemistry, people were open to challenge, were curious and everyone just wanted to talk. Climate change is so politically charged, is great to be at an event shaped by empathy, listening and curiosity."

- Alan Knight, Corporate Responsibility, General Manager ArcelorMittal

"Companies vs Climate Change had an excellent speaker line-up featuring well-informed experts. The conference stayed true to the subject matter and offered real insight into possible decarbonization strategies and solutions. A great new addition to the European sustainability conference space."

-Inge Huijbrechts, Global Vice President, Responsible Business Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

"I am very glad I was part of the first European Companies vs Climate Change Conference in Brussels. Professionally organized 3-days conference, with a good mixture of frontrunning companies, consultants and NGOs. It was a great moment to hear about some good practices, about the challenges we are all facing, and to discuss potential solutions. I got inspired!"

-Philippe Weiler, Head of Sustainability, Lidl Belgium

"The variety both of delegates and topics covered in presentations and panel discussions made for a more holistic perspective of addressing the challenges organizations face, which accurately represented the field of sustainability – a complex and intertwined network of stakeholders that is not always easy to navigate. It was also great to have sufficient time to have more in-depth discussions with participants, something that is difficult to achieve at larger conferences with a less intimate setting."

-Christy Cooke,Account Manager, Supply Chain Program,CDP